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fragrance notes 101

by Imperial Candles

You’ve probably heard perfume connoisseurs talk about ‘fragrance notes’ like it’s chipotle sauce.

But what are fragrance notes, and do they really matter? Let’s take it back to the basics.

Put simply, fragrance notes are used to describe the different components that make up a scent.

Top Notes 💙
First impressions count, right? Top notes are the initial fragrances that appear and consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. Like a good movie trailer, they are designed to capture your attention and lure you in.

Middle Notes 💜
After the top notes fade, the middle notes (or heart notes) begin to sneak in. They are much more complex than top notes and are considered the heart of a fragrance. Generally speaking, middle notes are often dressed as floral or fruit tones (with a hint of spice) depending on the fragrance.

Base Notes ❤️
It’s all about the bass, bout’ the bass, no treble. Meghan Trainor jokes aside, base notes provide depth and solidarity. They are the foundation of the entire fragrance and offer lasting qualities.

All 3 notes work seamlessly together, like a beautiful symphony, to create a little piece of magic.

And that ladies, is the 101 of fragrance notes.

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