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Elevate Your Bath Time: Whipped Soaps vs. Bath Bombs in 2023

by Hannah

Pampering yourself is so much more than just a quick session, it’s about creating a routine of moments to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. But wait? Then you’re stuck deciding what products to enjoy while you relax and let’s face it, you don’t need the added stress. 


We’re here to help! Bath bombs and whipped soaps have taken the world by storm, but what’s the best option to add to your ritual? We’ve given you all the great benefits of both options, so you can decide what’s right for you and your mood. 


Whipped Soaps vs. Bath Bombs in 2023 


All about the textures. 


Have you ever gotten the ick from the texture of a body product? We know how it feels. Due to sensitivities, the texture of skincare is really important to a lot of people and we’ve kept this in mind with our recommendations. 


Whipped Soaps generally are smooth and creamy with a bit of a grainy texture to provide exfoliation for skin (this helps with a great shave). In comparison, when wet, Bath Bombs shouldn’t be handled as the colour can transfer, and instead let them dissolve in bath water to enjoy the benefits from the product.  


Colour wars – what makes the most impact? 



So you want a relaxation session that screams with colour? Easy. While whipped soaps probably won’t give the impact you’re going for, definitely opt for a colourful bath bomb that you can toss in your bath and be wowed. 


For example, the Starry Night jewellery bath bomb packs in gorgeous blue accents for bath art that’ll take you to the stars. 


Benefits to your skin and body. 


We all strive to treat our skin the way we should, and in our busy lifestyles, finding the time to pamper ourselves properly can be difficult, which is why finding a product that ticks all the boxes at once is a great option. 


These Whipped Soaps contain Shea Butter which is known for boosting moisture in skin, and is also anti-inflammatory. Fun fact, did you know that Shea Butter also includes antioxidants?


 Now we’re not stopping there. You can also try a bath bomb like Popping Candy which includes Epsom Salts and oils to treat your body! (Epsom Salt is great for athletes or people who suffer with chronic pain). 


So who wins in your book? Both Whipped Soaps and Bath Bombs have their strengths, but both are also incredibly beneficial to your skin, body and add an extra element to your relaxation session. It’s 2023, you deserve to treat your body with love and care. 


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