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What are strawberry legs? – Plus top tips for getting rid of them.

by Hannah

Shaving. The part of our self-care routines that takes time, effort, and patience. Especially if you have more sensitive skin, finding the right products to make your shave comfortable is difficult, as traditional soaps seem to need to catch up.

What are ‘’strawberry legs’’? 

  • Have you ever noticed small dark dots on your legs where your hair grows? This is a sign of clogged pores that give the appearance of strawberry seeds, and it can appear more noticeable depending on your skin colour or severity. 

While we believe in embracing your body and feeling positive regardless, if this genuinely bothers you, fear not; there are solutions to give your skin a helping hand while shaving.

  1. Exfoliate before you shave. 

It may seem extra, but exfoliating your skin is essential as it removes dirt, buildup and dead skin cells that cause clogging and acne. Doing so gives your skin a fresh start and a clean slate for a close shave.

Our Rainbow Whipped Soap is perfect for gentle exfoliation. 

  1. Use a sharp razor. 

The sharper, the better! There’s honestly nothing worse for a shave than a dull razor. Choosing a smooth, sharp razor that provides an even and close shave helps lessen irritation and reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

  1. Add shaving cream. 

You might be thinking, what for? Well, shaving cream/soap is an integral part of achieving a great shave and lessening the ‘strawberry leg’ effect. The smooth texture softens the hair and helps the razor glide easier over the skin, not to mention providing additional moisture. 

Check out our Black Raspberry Vanilla whipped soap packed with Shea Butter to moisturise and pamper your skin. P.S. It also has a surprise jewel inside. 

If this is something you struggle with, following these tips and tricks should help to reduce your strawberry legs and plus, it’s a great excuse to give your body extra pampering. As a bit of advice, while it completely depends on your skin etc., results should usually be seen in about 2-3 weeks of consistent use. Be sure to also check out our range of skin-loving Whipped Soaps: https://www.imperialcandles.co.uk/collections/whipped-soap

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