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5 Autumn Essentials

by Imperial Candles

The nights are getting colder, fluffy blankets are making an appearance, and Autumn is well and truly on its way.

Don’t panic! We’re sharing our TOP 5 Autumn Essentials to help you master the seasonal transition.

1. Scented candles 🍂
From spicy aromas to sweet and fruity notes, finding the perfect candle to enliven your home is essential. Feeling creative? Why not create your own Autumnal blend by combining different wax melt scents.

2. A cosy jumper 🛍️
Seasonal changes are the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe. Trends come and go, but a cosy jumper will forever be your best friend. Stay classic, invest in quality and you’ll have a gem that will last you years to come.

3. Bath treats 🛀
Ahhh! Bask in a luxurious scent and transform your bath (or shower) into a magical experience. 30 minutes turn into 3 hours and before you know it you, your swept into a ‘midnight sparkle’ (see what we did there).

4. Books 📖
Whether your dreaming of summer days or winter nights, a great book is the perfect sofa companion. Dive into your favourite novel and let your mind transcend a different world.

5. Hot Drinks
Hot drinks are finally back on the menu! It’s time to swap the Ice Teas for the Gingerbread Lattes (spicy with a dash of syrup, please). Who else is planning on making hot beverages a mandatory ritual?

We’d love to know your favourite Autumn essentials.

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