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Disrupting the Market: Discover PinCandles – A NEW Candle Concept

by Hannah

Disrupting the Market: Discover PinCandles – A NEW Candle Concept


Our Imperial Candles brand has just celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary, and with it, we’ve decided to yet again disrupt the candle market with an entirely new scented candle concept. We have always done our best to innovate in the candle space, creating new products with jewellery hidden inside, from ranges of Whipped Soaps, Bath Bombs and other scented surprises but this time, we wanted to be extra playful and bring you something you’ve never seen before. Hence, our PinCandle collection of handmade candles including bespoke Enamel Pins inside was born.



Are you someone who enjoys adding a bit of playfulness and colour to your wardrobe? If you’re a trendy type of fashionista, PinCandles are the perfect addition to your home and style. Designed with love, these three scented candles capture everything we are as a brand, unique and impactful.

Each scent has three unique Enamel Pin designs that are perfect for any collector – we LOVE our cake pin designs, because who doesn’t like cake?

Which set is your favourite?




Enamel pins are the perfect accessory for styling because they can easily be removed and placed on pretty much any type of fabric surface. Our top tips; if you have a denim jacket you can use your collection of pins to create a stylised design or use the pins to brighten up your bags.

Tote bags + pins = the best shopping spree combination or the envy of everyone in the grocery. Our motto – Be Bold, Be Yourself.

The perfect gift for the collector.

If you’re anything like us, we love collecting, whether it be all of our fragrances hoarded in the office, mountains of jewellery designs, our our lasted pin collections which have made it on to already 3 bags in the office. We wanted this collection to be
friendly for everyone, with fun and intriguing designs that cater to people of any age. So no matter who you might be gifting for, or even yourself, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Leave us a comment letting us know your favourite design, and what we should surprise you with next!

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