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Top 5 Summer Decor Trends for your Home

by Hannah

Looking to give your home a refreshing update but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled some of the top 5 decor trends for Summer 2023 (that we adore) so you can celebrate your home’s individuality in a new and different way. 


Bold Colours

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Bring a pop of sunshine to your home with big, bright colours that make an impact. Whether it’s a splash of vibrant paint on a wall, a signature colour piece of furniture, or an all out statement room, there are so many options to embolden your space for the Summer months. 

Airy Coastal

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There’s nothing that screams Summer more than the feeling of being at the beach or on the coast. Coastal interior style aims to bring the essence of that experience into the home with natural colours, wood tones and accents of calming or bright blue shades. It’s like a breath of fresh air, no? 

That’s so 70’s

Perfect match: Vintage inspo with vintage inspo, our Sweet Shop Berry Jellies candle

The 70’s are making a comeback and in a big way in terms of interior design. The bold, warm colours of this style are perfect to bring life to your home for the Summer. It utalises cosy wood, red and orange notes, and elements of nature through stone to create a sophisticated, bold combination. Big plus, there’s so many style points of this era you can choose from to really make your home your own.



Plant Heaven

Perfect match: A rosy, garden fragrance of Fresh Cut Roses

The outdoors are coming in! Why not bring the jungle or garden into your home this Summer? Plants breathe life and and colour to your space without the need for creating permanent changes, and a big plus, if you might not be the best to keep those plants living, you can always opt for the false alternative for the same statement. 

Luxe Living

Perfect match: The sophisticated candle of your dreams, English Pear & Vanilla

Luxury vibes on a budget are trending at the moment, and we’re here for it. From golden accents, rich wood furniture, clean modern lines, and stunning marbles, luxury style is completely up to your interpretation. Our favourite pairing, a mix of modern and aged design. 

We are in LOVE with this year’s Summer trends and we hope you get some great inspiration to style your home for the season + find your perfect scented Imperial Candle match to fit the vibe. Leave us a comment with your favourite style and if you plan on using it in your spaces!

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