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Where To Use Scented Candles For Best Effect

by Imperial Candles

Where To Use Scented Candles For Best Effect


Struggling to find space for your ever-growing collection of Imperial Candles? Been gifted one of our exquisitely scented candles and want the scent to fill your home? We’ve put together some of our top tips on where to use scented candles for best effect, as well as ideas for uses you may not have thought of.


Using Candles At Special Events

What better way to add a personal touch to a wedding than with candles in the scent of your choice. Set the mood with a delicate fragrance that will forever be linked to your special day. Whether as part of a table centrepiece or in thoughtfully placed locations around the room, scented candles add a layer of decadence to any occasion.


Imperial Candles are particularly lovely for weddings and events, where the candles create mood lighting as the sun begins to dip. They also make fantastic gifts to thank those in your wedding party, or for anniversary, graduation or wedding gifts.


Creating A Cosy Space Outdoors With Candles

Whether you’re enjoying a balmy summer evening, or wrapping up warm to roast marshmallows over the fire, a scented candle can make a great addition to the atmosphere.


With their glass pillar jar, Imperial Candles are protected from the wind, allowing you to add ambient light to your outdoor setting.


Try Summer Nights or Tropical Getaway while enjoying a glass of rosé on the patio, or for colder nights, try Love Story or our Limited Edition Radiant Amethyst.


Where To Use Scented Candles At Home

While there’s no right or wrong to using Imperial Candles at home, we have a few small tips that will help you to get a fuller experience.

Choosing your scent.

Certain scents can transform a room, making your space feel cosier, warmer, fresher or more open. When choosing a scented candle for a room, or deciding where to place a new candle, take a moment to explore whether the combination gives the desired effect. In general,


  • Fresh, citrus scents work best in bathroom or utility rooms.
  • Warming or floral scents are best suited to living rooms.
  • Fruity or relaxing scents are well matched for bedrooms.


Of course, these are only suggestions, the freedom to create the desired atmosphere in your home is in your hands.


Find more tips about choosing the perfect scented candle here.

Consider your space.

In a large, open-plan room, candle size and placement can make a world of difference. When burning, the candle should be as central in the room as possible, allowing the scent to radiate in all directions.  In a smaller or more enclosed room, the placement makes much less difference to your experience.


When not in use, if you’d still like to benefit from the fragrance of your Imperial Candle, place the unlit candle near an open window with an inward breeze. The air movement will carry the scent and you’ll be met with the occasional gorgeous waft throughout the day.


With a world of options at your fingertips, there’s no end to the ways you can enjoy scented candles, whether indoors or out, for daily use or special occasions. Discover the full range and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, today.

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