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5 Simple Ways To Add Autumn Style To Your Home

by Imperial Candles

5 Simple Ways To Add Autumn Style To Your Home

The seasons are changing, Autumn is on its way, and soon the leaves will begin to fall. We’ve all been spending a lot of time indoors this year, and Autumn is set to bring much of the same, so why not embrace “staying-in” by transforming your home into an oasis from the storm, ready for the cooler seasons ahead.

Fill Your Home With Autumnal Fragrance

No, we’re not talking about chimney smoke and damp scarves, although those familiar scents will be making a reappearance in homes around the country over the coming months. By “autumnal fragrance”, we mean the wonderfully warm, comforting scents that perfectly represent the season. Look for notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and apple and you’ll be filled with joy from the moment you open your front door.

Try our new Tobacco & Vanille, a spicy blend of tobacco leaf, cacao, tonka and vanilla beans and dried forest fruit.

Or, discover McIntosh Apples, the scent of crisp windfall apples on early morning dew.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Autumn is one of the most colourful times of the year, so celebrate the hues of red, orange and yellow by bringing that vibrancy into your home. Something as simple as a red table runner and gold centrepiece can transform your dining room, making it an inviting space you’ll truly enjoy spending time in.

Top Tip: By choosing the more festive colours such as red and gold, as opposed to orange and brown, your autumn colour scheme can easily evolve into a Christmas theme with a few small additions later in the year.

Rethink Your Layout

Autumn is the ideal time of year to play with the layout of your furniture. Summer favours an open layout, making the most of the light streaming through windows. Meanwhile, autumn is more suited to snuggling on the sofa and cosying up to loved ones.

If you have a fireplace, position your furniture to ensure it’s the focal point of the room. This not only guarantees that you enjoy the warmth from wherever you’re seated but also adds to the atmosphere.

Create Texture With Soft Furnishings

Now is the time to bring out your winter warmers. Go wild with throws, comforters, rugs and cushions in a range of fabrics. Whether you prefer the rustic look of faux sheepskin, or the simple lines of a Scandi knit, bringing additional soft furnishings into your room adds personality, warmth and style through texture.


Perhaps one of the best ways to bring autumn style into your home is through decor. Add a few feature pieces to your mantle, or go bigger with autumn-themed items on every surface – the choice is yours! Mâché pumpkins, strings of fall leaves, wreaths adorned with clusters of artificial berries and fabulously decorative scented candles all add to the effect and create the perfect setting for the coming months.

And best of all, when the season ends, you can store your autumnal decor away, ready for next year.

Whether you’re fully embracing autumn style or simply looking to add a few touches, Imperial Candles are here for inspiration, atmosphere and of course, decadent candles, melts and diffusers.

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