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5 Unique Date Ideas for an incredible Valentine’s Day

by Imperial Candles

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something fun with your love and even if you’re not into the traditional wine and dine fest, there are so many ways to make the day extra special by adding your own unique flair to the plans.

Of course, we want to help you out a bit and made this little list of 5 unexpected date night ideas you can use to surprise your girl or guy this Valentine’s Day.

For the adrenaline fiend:

Do you or your loved one enjoy the extremes? Why not skip the ‘boring’ stuff and opt for an adrenaline fuelled adventure? Besides, near-death experiences usually bring people closer together, or so we’ve heard.

Whether going to a gigantic theme park, skydiving excursion, race-car driving or even a Bear Grylls challenge course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t get more fun and exciting than this.

For the foodie:

Let’s be real, we all love food and if your lady has nagged you 100 times to cook for her, this is a great opportunity to show her how much you care by doing an activity you two can enjoy together.

Available in lots of locations over the UK (and internationally), book a cooking experience for the both of you and learn how to cook a killer meal you can later use to impress. If not, a trip to McDonalds will always do just fine.

For the movie star:

Movies convey emotion, bring people together and give lots of laughter. Honestly, it can be quite hard to create the perfect romantic ambiance in a Cinema so a great alternative would be a sweet moment in your living room. Yeah, it’s not cheesy at all.

Find a perfect movie that you both love (or even something knew), light a few candles, pop some buttery popcorn, fluff the pillows and get cosy! Nothing get you more in the mood.

For the pure romantic:

Even if you want to go the traditional route (because everyone appreciates different things) there are ways to elevate the experience and make it not so run of the muck. For example, renting part of a gorgeous park, stringing up sparkling lights, setting up a candlelit dinner, and hiring a classical band to play in the background will be a scene directly from the movies.

Is it probably extremely out of budget for the average Joe, maybe but sometimes busting the bank just a little bit for your sweetheart can be the thing that wins them over forever.                                                                 

For the nature lover:

Heard of ‘glamping’? It’s the best and most luxurious way to camp out in the wild without the need to go completely down in the dirt. Real camping doesn’t give off the most romantic vibe for most people so opting to go for better accommodation while still enjoying the incredible views might be the right choice.

Why not book a glamping location in a dream destination or some place you’ve never discovered before? It’s truly incredible to make new memories with your loved one.

Taking something they love and making a special event of it will have you winning the Valentine’s Day game. We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration and don’t hesitate to share your night/day out with us on Facebook using the hashtags #imperialcandles #inspireyourlifestyle.

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