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5 Most Popular Candle Fragrances

by Imperial Candles

5 Most Popular Candle Fragrances

Do you know your ambergris from your vetiver? A chypre from an oriental?
You’re not alone.

The world of fragrance is complex, filled with ingredients, categories and definitions that are a foreign language to most ordinary people. Yet even without the background knowledge of what makes a fragrance, most people can identify the smells they like, and those they don’t.

Scented candles are such a wonderful gift to receive, but we all have such different preferences. How do you know which to choose? Thankfully, gifting a scented candle doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve cut through the terminology often used to discuss fragrances and distilled the most popular scents down into five simple categories: fresh, fruity, floral, warming and relaxing.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, here are the five most popular candle fragrances you should explore.


When it comes to fragrance, “fresh” represents the category of candles that invigorate your senses and make a room feel cleaner and airier. Fresh fragrances usually comprise water, citrus or green notes, such as bergamot, cotton, or grapefruit. They’re ideal for a bathroom, utility, or any room that needs a breath of fresh air, and being so delicate, make the perfect low-risk gift.

Pure Cotton
You simply can’t go wrong with our Pure Cotton candle. The crisp freshness of citrus against a heart of jasmine, African violet and white musk will make any room smell heavenly.

Pink Flamingo
A subtle scent that lifts a room, Pink Flamingo combines notes of bamboo and grapefruit to create a safe fragrance that anyone will love to receive.


When a candle is good enough to eat, you know it must fall into the “fruity” category. Sweet, succulent and juicy, fruity fragrances are perfect for a bedroom and are adored by people of all age groups. For the immediate wow-factor, a fruity candle is a great choice.

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Our best-seller, Black Raspberry Vanilla is a juicy, deep fragrance that is complemented by its floral and musk notes. If you’re looking for a candle that radiates scent around your home, this is the one for you.

Strawberry Rhubarb
Make your home smell like summer year-round with the sweet, fruity notes of freshly baked strawberry and rhubarb.


The “floral” category of scented candles is most similar in scent to perfume, in that it will often include notes of rose, jasmine, gardenia, and other fragrant flowers. The great thing about floral candles is that they can be placed anywhere in the home to equal effect and the scent quite often wafts into neighbouring rooms. Floral candles are frequently bought by our customers to use in their own homes, but also make a great gift.

Love Story
A fragrance which has both floral and warming notes, Love Story is beautifully sophisticated. With romantic rose petals and wild jasmine, there’s a touch of brightness from crisp apples and the scent is rounded out with vanilla and musk.

Midnight Jasmine
Floral without being heavy, this stunning candle from our Iconic collection combines the delicate fragrance of rose petals with sensual wild jasmine flowers.


As we come into the winter months, “warming” fragrances are an absolute must. Vanilla, musk, and spices like cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon are all notes that are synonymous with warmth. Equally well suited to a bedroom or living room, nothing is quite as inviting as a home filled with a warming scent.

English Pear & Vanilla
If a candle could wrap you in its arms and give you a hug, it would be this one. Juicy pears bring the sweetness while French vanilla adds warmth and depth – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Summer Nights
Warming fragrances aren’t just for the colder months; they’re also great for lifting mood and creating a sense of wellbeing. The brighter peach and orange notes of Summer Nights are balanced with decadent spiced cranberries.


Whether at the end of a long day or as the perfect pairing for a steamy hot bath, a relaxing candle will never go out of style. Lavender, chamomile and rosemary are a few of the notes commonly used to create these relaxing fragrances which make an ideal gift for someone who needs a break – or for yourself!

Monoi de Tahiti
With lavender and white lily, this relaxing candle is complemented with other floral notes including gardenia, freesia and monoi, a type of Tahitian gardenia also called Tiaré flowers.

Lavender Chamomile Vanilla
Ok, it’s not technically a candle, but we couldn’t share our favourite relaxing fragrances without including this gorgeous diffuser. For the ultimate in relaxation, Lavender Chamomile Vanilla is a must.

Of course, the candles we’ve shared above are only a fraction of our full range, and we also offer many of our candles as wax melts. So, why not try a selection and find your new favourite? Happy shopping!

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