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Take Our Quiz, “Which Christmas Candle Is Perfect For You?”

by Imperial Candles

Christmas is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to make your home cosy, welcoming and festive. But which Christmas scented candle is right for you? Fear not, our quiz is here to help you decide!


Choose A Christmas Beverage:

0          Whiskey Sour

10        Red wine

20        Mimosa

30        Herbal Tea

40        Boozy Hot Chocolate


Choose A Side Dish:

0          Pigs In Blankets

0          Cauliflower Cheese

0          Roast Parsnips

0          Brussel Sprouts

0          Veggie Stuffing


Choose A Christmas Dessert:

0           Brandy Snaps

10        Gingerbread

20        Panettone

30         Christmas Pudding

40         Sticky Toffee Pudding


Your Ideal Gift Is:

0           Useful

10        Thoughtful

20        Luxurious

30        Fun

40        Sweet


How Long Does Your Christmas Tree Stay Up?

0          1-3 weeks

50         As long as possible!


Frosty Nights 0 – 40

You’re a down-to-earth, sensible type who enjoys the classical elements of Christmas. The perfect candle for you is Frosty Nights, the quintessential winter fragrance. The heady scent of Douglas fir, eucalyptus and pine give the candle an aromatic, fresh base, while notes of lime and mint leaves elevate the woodiness, bringing a touch of sweet and citrus to the party. If you’ve been searching for an alternative to fruity or floral scented candles, Frosty Nights is the ideal choice.


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Christmas Morning 45-75

You love getting into the Christmas spirit, but you keep things classy and traditional. Your perfect candle is Christmas Morning, a scent that combines all the key elements of winter and adds a wonderfully rich fragrance to any room. A bouquet of fruitiness dominates the candle with notes of berry and dark red cherry, and this is balanced against a refreshing base of warm, woody oak.


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From Santa With Love 80-105

You enjoy the traditional elements of Christmas, but you like adding your own twist too. Your ideal candle, From Santa With Love, is a decadent combination of citrus and floral. The joyful combination of Italian lemons and bergamot atop carnations and lily flowers will be the perfect backdrop for festive fun throughout December and beyond.


Shop for From Santa With Love Scented Candles or Wax Melts.


Winter Candy Apple 110-135

Christmas is your favourite holiday and nothing makes you happier than getting cosy with your favourite people and festive treats. Your ideal candle is Winter Candy Apple, a fruity combination of crisp apples, juicy pineapples, orange zest and sandalwood. Warming, rich and indulgent, it’s sure to be your new favourite.


Shop for Winter Candy Apple Scented Candles or Wax Melts.


Snow Fairy 140 – 170

You love all things Christmas, and keep on top of your sweet treats through December and beyond. Your sweet tooth will love Snow Fairy, the perfect scented candle to bring the indulgence of Christmas into your home day after day. Good-enough-to-eat, Snow Fairy has notes of pink bubble gum and candy floss softened by warming vanilla.


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