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How it’s made: Soy Wax Imperial Candles

by Imperial Candles

Have you ever wondered how your beloved Imperial Candle was made? We’re giving you a behind-the-scenes, insider scoop on our process and how we transform natural soy wax and fine fragrance oils into a one of a kind scented candle experience.

Why Soy wax?

We place a high value on the health of our customers, along with the impact we have on the environment. This is why we chose to use natural soy wax as it burns cleaner and longer than traditional Paraffin wax. Many people don’t know that Paraffin wax derives from petroleum, yuck!

The wicks.

Standard candles usually contain only 1 wick, which often results in an effect we call tunnelling. Our handmade scented candles have instead been designed with 2 cotton wicks, allowing the candle to burn better, all the way around.

The process.

Candle making is definitely not rocket science, but it isn’t so simple either. Our incredible team have perfected the craft and handmake every Imperial Candle right out of our small factory in the UK using lots of love and care.

We start off by melting our signature wax shavings in a traditional wax tank (funny note: plain wax also has a lovely fragrance of its own). After the wax has completely melted, our team will measure out the perfect amount and combine it with the fine fragrance oil it needs.

The wax will then be poured in glass jars which contain the cotton wicks and surprise jewel inside. The highly scented candles will then be left to cure overnight to be labelled by hand in the morning.

Did we mention that our products are also vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free?

The surprise.

We like the idea of giving back to our customers and offering an exciting experience they can share with their family and friends. That’s why you’ll discover a hidden surprise jewel made from either 925 Sterling Silver or Yellow/White Gold inside all of our handmade goodies.

It’s really our love for fragrance that keeps us innovating and if you enjoy a flameless experience, we also have a delightful selection of handmade soy wax melts. Not only that but you can also have an out of this world bath-time with our collection of bath bombs, each containing a jewellery surprise.

We’re truly passionate about what we do and hope you enjoyed this little peek into how we create scented magic for you to fall in love with.

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