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How Fragrance Influences Your Mood

by Imperial Candles

How Fragrance Influences Your Mood


We’ve all had the experience of a scent transporting us back to a moment in time, revealing a memory we thought had been long forgotten. But it isn’t just our past that fragrance influences; it’s our present too. But why does scent have such a powerful impact on us? And how can we use that to improve our lives?


Fragrance And The Brain

Smell is a unique sense in that it isn’t processed the same way as touch, sound or taste. With most of our senses, the information passes through the sensory centre, the thalamus, before reaching its end destination. So, you first become aware that you’re touching or tasting something, and then your brain starts processing that information any further.


Smell bypasses the thalamus altogether, going straight to the olfactory bulb (smell processor), which is directly connected to your memory and emotion centres. This means that memory and emotion are triggered almost immediately, before your brain has time to process the information about what you’re smelling.


Can A Candle Affect Your Mood?

We all love fragrance, although our particular tastes may differ. But what if we told you that your choice of scent could directly affect your mood? Interestingly, research has shown that certain fragrances can do everything from increasing your productivity to giving you energy! So, if you’re looking for new ways to get motivated while working from home or want a fragrance that makes you feel good the moment you smell it, a scented candle could be just the answer. Here’s what to look for:


Invigorating Scents

If you want to start the day refreshed, energised and invigorated, citrus is your answer. The zingy, vibrant smell of citrus awakens the body and mind. Lemon, lime, mandarin and orange are all fantastic scents for getting us up and going.


Try Thai Lime & Mango for a tropical vibe, or Raspberry Lemonade for a mouth-watering citrus scent.


Relaxing Scents

Trouble relaxing at the end of a long day? We’re all feeling the effects of a year of uncertainty, so why not give yourself a helping hand by winding down with the calming scents of vanilla, lavender or chamomile?


Try English Pear & Vanilla or Love Story, with a delicate blend of vanilla, rose, and apples over a creamy musk base.


Mood-Boosting Scents

Improve your mood and evoke memories of sun-filled summer vacations by enjoying the scent of tropical fruits and flowers. Not only does the smell of coconut relieve stress, but the associates to adventures abroad is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Try Black Coconut or Dreamy Unicorn, which has notes of apple, Mediterranean fig, guava, and passion fruit.


Nostalgic Scents

Want to relive those moments of your childhood, visiting the fair with your grandparents, cotton candy in hand? Whatever memories you want to evoke, choose a scented candle that has fragrance notes from your past.


Try Cotton Candy for a sugary sweet blast from the past, or Tobacco & Vanille for a warm and comforting hug.

Whatever mood you want to inspire, Imperial Candles will help you set the scene.


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