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Happy International Women’s Day – Discover 3 British Women That You Should Know About

by Imperial Candles

Today, we’ll be celebrating three outstanding British women that you may not have heard of before but will never forget once you learn about them.

Many of us are already familiar with notable British women such as Princess Diana, Margareth Tacher, and Jane Austen. But who’s Florence Nightingale, Helen Sharman, and Charlotte Cooper? Let’s find out together:

1. Florence Nightingale

Pioneer of modern nursing care

During the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale rose to prominence when she led a team of nurses and eventually became an icon of Victorian culture and helped nursing gain a positive reputation. She became well-known as “The Lady with the Lamp”, who visited injured soldiers at night.

3 Interesting facts to know about Florence Nightingale:

  • After the war, she founded the world’s first secular nursing school in London at St Thomas’ Hospital. Even today, new nurses must take the Nightingale Pledge in her honour.
  • The highest honour a nurse can attain is Florence Nightingale Medal.
  • On her Birthday, May 12, we celebrate International Nurses Day.


2. Helen Sharman

The first British astronaut in 1991.

Helen Patricia Sharman, CMG, OBE, HonFRSC ( born May 30, 1963)

Having earned a BSc in chemistry and then a PhD, she worked as a chemist until she responded to a radio ad seeking volunteers to be the first British Astronaut. Helen Sharman was chosen out of 13,000 applicants and was just 27 years old when she went into space.


3 Interesting facts to know about Helen Sharman:

  • First Western European woman in space.
  • First privately funded woman in space.
  • First female to visit the Mir space station, in May 1991.


3. Charlotte Cooper

The first Olympian Woman

Charlotte Cooper was the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in tennis in 1900. She had previously won five Wimbledon championships.

Charlotte Cooper was one of the greatest female tennis champions of the late 1800s when the ladies’ game was played in lengthy gowns. In 1895, Cooper captured her first Wimbledon singles title at the age of 25, and she would repeat the feat on four other occasions.

3 Interesting facts to know about Charlotte Cooper:

  • He was a relentless attacker. Cooper Sterry had an offensive playing style, attacking the net when possible.
  • One of the few women tennis players of her era to serve overhead. Her greatest talents were consistency, temperament, and tactical thinking.
  • Her outstanding volley ability stood out at a time when this was still a rarity among female tennis players.

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