by Imperial Candles

1. Tell us a bit about yourself 😎

Hey, my name’s Amy and I joined Imperial Candles in September 2016. I’m currently a Pink Diamond Ambassador and I was the first rep to achieve this status, having sold in excess of £90,000 worth of products.

2. How did your journey start with Imperial Candles? 🌈

My motivation and why I became an Imperial Ambassador is my son, Bradley. He hadn’t long relapsed with a rare form of Cancer which has left me unable to work a normal day-to-day job, as I’m at hospital at least 3 times a week with him.

3. How has becoming an Ambassador helped you? 💎

Being an Imperial Ambassador has helped me get by financially and has also enabled me to make many special memories with my family (including a recent trip to Lapland).

In my spare time, I work tirelessly to raise funds for charities close to my heart including Chestnut Tree House, Clic and many other children’s cancer charities. In October, I abseiled 190 feet down the tower of Arundel Castle, raising nearly £400 for Chestnut Tree House. I often donate a proportion of my commissions to charity; for example, during September which was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

5. What are your favourite Imperial Candles product? 💜

My top 3 favourite products are Black Coconut Classic Candle, Fairy Dust Bath Bomb and Melty Box because I like the variety.

For more amazing products, please visit my Ambassador store: www.imperialcandles.co.uk/store/amy-candles

I take great care in my customers’ needs and I’m always on hand to help. I also give back to my customers by doing freebies every month including a FREE end of month Bingo for at least 3 winners.

Join the fun on my Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/426817544362414/

Thank you, Imperial Candles, for making some things that could have been impossible, possible ❤️

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