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Wax Warmers 101: Storing Melts and Cleaning Your Warmer

by Imperial Candles

Wax Warmers 101: Storing Melts and Cleaning Your Warmer


We know you all enjoy the benefits of using wax melts so today, we’ll explain why it’s so important to store your wax melts appropriately, and how to maintain your warmer for best results.


Storing Your Imperial Wax Melts

Proper storage is essential to extending the life of your wax melts. As with any fragranced product, the longer your melts are exposed to air, the quicker their wonderful scent will disperse.


When you have removed the sections of your melt bar that you wish to use, ensure that you properly close the container, pressing firmly around the edges of the packaging to create a seal. Then, store your remaining melts on a flat surface in a cool, dark place. We recommend popping them in your linen closet for a little added scent, or in a drawer near your burner.


In fact, many of our team have Imperial wax melts secreted away in various locations around the home! Whether you choose to keep your melts in your bathroom cabinet, dining room sideboard or bedroom drawer, the key to long-lasting fragrance is for the melts to be kept away from heat and sunlight until they’re ready to be used.


How To Clean You Wax Warmer

We’re frequently asked, “What is the easiest way to clean my warmer?”. This is an important point, as not only can incorrect cleaning be messy, but it can also reduce the fragrance of your melts.


As our wax melts are warmed, the fragrance is released, filling your home with scent. However, the wax is left behind and must be removed before you use another melt. This is an essential step because if you were to leave the spent wax in your warmer, it might dilute the scent of your next melt.


Here at Imperial Candles, we fall into two main camps for cleaning wax warmers: Team Slide and Team Soak.


Method #1: Slide

The best thing about the ‘slide’ method of cleaning your wax warmer is that it doesn’t rely on your wax being entirely melted. Instead, you simply turn your warmer on for a few minutes to heat the outermost layer of wax, then press gently on one side to slide the entire piece of wax out. Wipe the remaining wax from the warmer bowl with a paper towel, and you’re done!

Method #2: Soak

If you’ve already warmed your melt and decide it’s time to switch out your scent, the ‘soak’ method is best for you. Simply drop two cotton balls into the warmer bowl and allow them to absorb the liquid wax. Carefully remove the saturated balls and discard into the bin, then wipe any remaining wax with a paper towel.


Do you have your own unique method for cleaning or storing your Imperial wax melts? We’d love to hear about it! Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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